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Welcome back to The Optimization Academy with Dr. Greg Jones where I interview some of my favorite innovators in Medicine, Health, Fitness, and Beyond!

I’m excited to welcome Dr. Nichola Conlon as we take a deep dive into the benefits of NAD+ and discuss the most effective ways to keep you NAD+ levels optimized.

Dr. Conlon is a molecular biologist that began her career in drug development designing drugs to slow the aging process. She left this industry in 2017 and founded Nuchido Laboratories, a supplement company whose mission is to bring science to people as accessible consumer products rather than drugs.

In Part 1, we are discussing the following topics and more:

  • What is NAD+ and what does it feel like if your levels are low?
  • Why does NAD+ decline as we age?
  • How does NAD+ decline contribute to age-related disease and impact longevity

As always thanks for watching and listening

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