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Welcome back to The Optimization Academy with Dr. Greg Jones where I interview some of my favorite innovators in Medicine, Health, Fitness, and Beyond!

I’m excited to welcome Lexi Yoo, FNP-BC/CPNPas we discuss the power of peptide therapy for improving skin health and hair growth!

Lexi is the founder and owner of Yoo Direct Health, a leading healthcare practice that focuses on integrative medicine, anti-aging treatments, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. She is a double board-certified nurse practitioner in the areas of family and pediatric medicine, with a passion for providing comprehensive and personalized care to her patients.

In Part 1, we are discussing the following topics and more:

  • What are the root causes of skin aging?
  • What are the top peptides to reduce wrinkles and improve skin health?
  • What are the root causes of hair loss?
  • Why are the top peptides for hair growth?

As always thanks for watching and listening.

*****Learn more about Lexi and Yoo Direct and at